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KFBA badminton court at Farlim For RENT (012-4259146)


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KF Badminton Academy

Mission & Vision of KFBA

thumbnailKF Badminton Academy's mission is to take badminton game to the maximum possible heights. By spotting true talents from local raw players and providing professional guidance to these potential players into competitive level. Thus, synergistically unite the physical and mental benefits of badminton sports with the vast appeal of the health and fitness industry while providing the most complete training to enhance the quality of athletic performance through the application of scientific approach in badminton sports.

KF Badminton Academy has also set its vision to equip all its players with holistic personality, to cultivate healthy lifestyles through badminton. Thus, promoting sports and recreational activities as healthy leisure alternatives for our youth, while also exposing them to a variety of different opportunities to develop their personal skills and life experience through physical fitness and educational activity.

Our goal is simple, "to provide a sport that will cater to everyone no matter what their physical or athletic limits allow them to do and to synergistically have seasoned competitive athletes train alongside people who just want to improve their quality of life."



KFBA Students selected to National Sport School

Student's Name Year Joined Year Selected to NSS
Lim Ee Von 2001 2004
Tee Jing Yi 2002 2004 (Year 2012 Olympic bound player)
Cheah Yee See 2005 2008
Lee Ming Shen 2003 2005
Yew Hong Kheng 2001 2005 (Year 2010 World Junior Double Champion)
Nelson Heg Wei Keat 2005 2006 (Year 2011 World Junior Double Champion)
Teoh Kai Siang 2001 2007
Chua Keh Yeap 2005 2008
Joyce Chong 2006 2008
Cheam June Wei 2006 2011(Current national Under 15 No.1 Single Player)
Tan Jia Wei 2007 2012(Current national Under 14 No. 1 Single Player)
Sim Fong Hau 2007 2012
Ching Kai Feng 2010 2014

Membership Priviledges

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