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History of KFBA

KFBA warmly welcomes students from across the globe, and offers a diverse range of training package, excellent facilities and a team of highly dedicated and experienced staff who provide high quality teaching, guidance and support..


Founder of KFBA

Ng Kam Fook, Former Malaysia's National Player

It was a twist of fate that led to Ng Kam Fook taking up badminton at the age of 10. At that time, Kam Fook was crazy about BMX bicycles and he used to tear down the streets doing all kinds of stunts. But one day, he was knocked by a car and was given 10 stitches on his leg. Kam Fook then decided that cycling was too dangerous and opted for safer hobbies, which led to him taking up badminton. It has proven to be a blessing in disguise as Kam Fook has become one of the Penang's most exciting badminton talents, complexion that he could be mistaken for a malay. Spending too much time at the beaches? "No, When i was small, i played under the hot sun" he said.


During his time in Hu Yew Seah Primary School in Madras Lane (Penang), he joined the school badminton team and started his journey of grapping the first trophy in his life - Champion of Under -14 boy Single. He has such a dark time Under-16 and Under-17 titles of the Penang Closed and was runner-up in the Under-15 and Under-18 categories. It was untill his stirring performance in the Perak Open where he scalped national players Davincy Saha and K. Muralidesan. After that, he was recognised by the well known national badminton coach Yang Yang and was selected into the National Player Squad of the Badminton Association of Malaysia. Along his coaching history, he was once selected as Penang's State Coach

History of Kam Fook Badminton Academy

Established in 1999 by Ng Kam Fook

The Kam Fook Badminton Academy was formed in 1999 by Mr Ng Kam Fook. In 2002, the Kam Fook Badminton Academy (which offered structured group badminton training programs) was launched with one coach and one training class operating from the Chung Hwa Confucian High School.

As interest and demand grew from the KFBA badminton community:
Invited coach - Mr Yong Hock Kin (LEFT : Former World Ranking No-2 Badminton Player) 
The programs were expanded 
Leadership team expanded 
A partnership with Yong Hock Kin Badminton Academy was developed, and the training classes were moved to the several Community Centre in the downtown area.


The group badminton training sessions were officially branded the Kam Fook Badminton Academy in the fall of 2008 with our new look, new image and new programs. The leadership team now includes over 4 coaches, along with many talented members. The Kam Fook Badminton Academy also serves as a coaching apprentice school.

Partnership with Bay Badminton Center (BBC)

Partnership established in 2009 

bbcBBC (http://www.baybadminton.com) are the most visible dedicated badminton facility in the San Francisco Bay Area. With a state of the art facility, they aim to provide exceptional services for the badminton enthusiast. Whether you are a professional or a beginner level player, BBC facility will be dedicated to providing you with the most rewarding badminton experience available. BBC is centrally located and easily accessible from all corners of the San Francisco Bay Area.

Bay Badminton is proud to provide the professional level "Robbins" flooring system. The flooring system is a 9+2 patented Pulastic system that provides unparalleled cushioning under the most intense levels of competition. All 16 courts will have full spacing between courts to reduce play interruptions. Bay Badminton will also provide comfortable locker rooms, a children's play area, ample parking, a top of the line pro-shop and a refreshment area.

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